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Apollo Polypropylene Chair Designed to withstand heavy duty day to day use This chair has an ergonomic design to help correct children's posture and maintain a healthy spine.

  • 9 different colours are available
  • Stacks 12 high
  • Available in six heights
  • Classroom safe - no sharp edges
  • Available in six heights
  • 9 different colours are available
  • Manufacturers 10 year guarantee
  • Stacks 12 high
  • Chair shell is made from recycled plastics!
  • A seat pad option is also available.
  • Unique 'S' shaped back - to comply with EN1729 Part 1
  • Superior strength - to withstand the toughest of environments
  • Classroom safe - no sharp edges
  • 5 - 10 day lead time

Built for the toughest classroom environments!

A child will sit on a chair for up to six hours a day over a period of 11 years or more. Furniture must therefore be durable and easy to clean and repair.

Cost is always a driver and in education environments this is particularly acute as furniture is often the last purchase in a long building or refurbishment process. All too often it is seen as low status and/or purchased as an afterthought, with the consequence that the benefits of a new school are diminished by in appropriate furniture.

Based on purchase cost criteria alone, furniture can be unattractive, unergonomic and of poor design. The result is students feeling a lack of ownership over the furniture, encouraging graffiti and vandalism and shortening the life span. The majority of school chairs will need to last at least 10 years; therefore the cost per child for a cheap school chair can be as low as 60p per year.

Although good furniture may carry a small cost premium, can we afford to ignore the benefits of providing high quality furniture that is suitable for all users? Today’s children are part of a design conscious society and this awareness extends to the furniture they use. Good furniture indicates that the purchaser respects the children; in return they are more likely to adopt a more positive attitude which is more conducive to learning.

Sizes 5 and 6 have undergone further testing to BS EN 1573:2007 Test Level 2 – the uprated test for up to 25 stone users. This test makes the Titan one-piece one of the strongest chairs available today.