Closed & Open Storage

Multiple colours available = Multiple colours available

Open storage shelving is a fantastically frugal and space-saving option if you’re looking for ways to keep your classroom or office space organised. Our open storage shelving comes in a variety of sizes with numerous customisable options, including coloured cupboard doors, fixed and adjustable shelving, tray storage, locks and coloured unit edging. The wipeable, scratch-resistant laminate on our open storage products will help to keep the units looking in top condition for years to come.

Many of the items within our open storage category also come with castor wheels and are delivered fully assembled, giving the units an extra degree of practicality and versatility and saving you precious time and effort!

As an EducationFurniture customer, you’ll benefit from our competitive pricing across all of our storage shelving and classroom storage. But if you’re considering purchasing multiples of a particular open storage product, did you know that we may be able to offer additional discounts too? Just call our sales line to find out more about the savings you could make.