Dining Tables

Multiple colours available = Multiple colours available

Thanks to EducationFurniture, you can now find a range of low-budget, high quality folding tables and easy-store stacking tables for your school canteen or bistro area. Our folding tables and stacking tables make for the ultimate refectory tables, thanks to their durability and simple but innovative design. We’ve endeavoured to provide a selection of folding tables in different shapes and sizes to suit your exacting needs. 

Within this range you’ll also find a tilt-top table range, perfect for school canteens or dining areas. These, as well as our lightweight folding tables, offer a quick and easy way to adapt your dining area seating as and when required. The lightweight but durable construction materials mean that bringing the tilt top tables out for use, and putting them back into storage once used, is safe and easy for any adult.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find a folding bench or table that you were looking for, why not contact our sales team. We’re always updating our website and may have access to folding tables, bistro tables, a tilt top table or a set of stacking tables that you’ve been looking for. And remember, if you’re thinking of placing a bulk order, our sales team may be able to offer you EXTRA discounts!