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Fibre Felt Noticeboard Colour Co-Ordinated Fibre Felt Noticeboard

  • Colour co-ordinating frame
  • Suitable for pins and staples
  • Available in red, green, and blue
  • Fittings supplied

Colour co-ordinated uPVC frames with matching or contrasting coloured, rounded corners. Mix and match between red green and blue for both the felt noticeboard and the frame colour.

The fire retardant felt cover suitable for pins and staples. All required fittings are supplied with each order.

Size Specification

  • 900mm (W) x 600mm (H)
  • 1200mm (W) 900mm (H)
  • 1200mm (W) x 1200mm (H)
  • 1500mm (W) x 1200mm (H)
  • 1800mm (W) x 1200mm (H)
  • 240mm (W) x 1200mm (H)