School Stage Packages

Multiple colours available = Multiple colours available

For compact, portable ultra-light and sturdy school staging systems, look no further than EducationFurniture. Here you will find a selection of school staging systems, available in various packages to suit your needs. Our versatile school staging systems can be used as modular school staging, and provide the perfect solution for community centre exhibitions and shows, staging for amateur dramatics groups, a platform for speakers, choral performances and other functions that require an elevated platform.

Our modular system stage kits are designed in such a way that reconfiguring the staging is simple and straightforward. The lightweight staging is portable and can be easily stored when not in use, making it a practical choice for spaces that are used for a variety of activities throughout the year.

What’s more, at EducationFurniture we not only supply our school staging in a range of dimensions, but also offer a choice of colours for each staging package. Carpeted staging comes in a range of anthracite grey, chianti red, sapphire blue and moss green, but we also supply a black vinyl option along with a choice of coloured valances.

Can’t find exactly what you need, or have a further enquiry about any of the school staging systems on our website? Then please feel free to call our friendly sales team for more information about product specifications, discounts, delivery and more.