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Titan Crushbend ABS edge

  • Stackable
  • Multiple colour options
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Lightweight design

ABS edge offers more protection that the standard MDF edge, with a 2mm ABS plastic glued to the table edge.

5 edge colours; blue, green, red, light grey or beech.

Features a strong 25mm crusbend frame for stability as well as a high quality 18mm top.

12 table top laminate options; blue, grey, red, green, yellow, beech, maple, ailsa, pistachio, lava, seaspray or violet.

Size Specifications

Available in multiple sizes/shapes:

  • Square: 600mm (W) x 600mm (D)
  • Rectangle: 1100mm (W) x 550mm (D)
  • Rectangle: 1200mm (W) x 600mm (D)
  • Trapezoidal: 1100mm (W) x 550mm (D)
  • Tapezoidal: 1200mm (W) x 600mm (D)

Table Height (with Recommended Seat Height)

  • 460mm (table) = 260mm (seat height)
  • 530mm (table) = 310mm (seat height)
  • 590mm (table) = 350mm (seat height)
  • 640mm (table) = 360mm (seat height)
  • 710mm (table) = 430mm (seat height)
  • 760mm (table)